About Us

Author MJ Reeves dedicates these books to all caterpillars both young and young at heart still searching for their inner butterfly beauty. It is her hope that women embrace the goodness in and around them by embracing peace and gratitude. By enjoying the wonders around them, they grow into the wonderful women they are intended to be. The author can be reached here: Contact MJ

Our talented illustrator Joe Lozano worked tirelessly to capture the beauty and vibrance of the Girlz. He can be reached here: Contact Joe

I would like to thank & am humbly honored to know the following people who have always loved & supported me with whatever I chose to do including this book…..My husband Eric for his constant love & support, and our children, Zach, Kelly, Noel & Haley. My mom Marlene who was my number 1 fan since day 1 (my birth). My sisters Donnie, Mary & Lori.

My friends Dena, Maria, Lori, Cheryl & Debbie who have all supported & been there for me at one time or another. My work buddies Veronika, Penny, Mark & David for their daily support.

Finally, I’m grateful for every person I’ve met or interacted with throughout my life because I’ve always learned something whether I wanted to or not.