Meet The Butterfly Girlz

Meet Cloe

Our youngest butterfly, Cloe, has beautiful blue and purple wings. Have you ever wanted to look different, act different, or be different?  Cloe wakes up one morning and IS different.  Is this what she imagined?  Is this what she wanted?  Join Cloe as she discovers sometimes change isn’t easy but its necessary.

Meet Haley

Haley is talented and passionate about her talent.  She wants to take it to the next level, but she’s scared she might fail.  Learn how Haley overcomes her fear and makes her dream come true!

Meet Erin

Have you ever let your curiosity get the best of you because you just had to know?  Erin had that same “need to know something” & it lands her in a bit of trouble. Come with her & discover what happened.

Meet Heidi

Heide has always had the best of everything & expects her wishes to be carried out. She is used to others doing things for her & not the other way around. Follow Heide as she learns what it means to be part of a group, be a helper & learns doing things for others is pretty sweet.

Meet Hope

Hope is the rarest & wisest of the Butterfly Girlz. She is used to “the Girlz” coming to her for advice & guidance, and now treasures it.  It wasn’t always that way.  Find out what turned the tables for her.

Meet Kelly

Kelly loved traveling, but ever since Rachel had taken in all the little butterflies traveling wasn’t as attractive as it once was. Now guiding the little butterflies is her top priority. Find out how Kelly teaches the little butterflies to work together & helps them discover how fun it can be.

Meet Lindy

Lindy is the happy, upbeat, positive butterfly.  Even Lindy’s optimism is tested when a competition is on the line.  She is the only one who can save it.  Learn how Lindy stays positive and in control even though she is scared that she won’t come through.

Meet Rachel

Have you ever been pushed into being the leader when all you wanted to do was be part of the group & blend in? Have you ever had to speak up for something or someone knowing it might make you unpopular?  If so, then you’ll be able to relate to Rachel our head butterfly. Learn how she steps into the light & discovers it’s not as scary as she thought.

Meet Sam

Sam is the quietest of the younger butterflies, but she’s also the most creative. She is an artist who has a valuable lesson to learn when it comes to believing in her art & believing in her dream.

Meet Simone

Simone is a beautiful monarch butterfly but for whatever reason Simone feels she needs a little more attention than the other girls.  She can’t explain why. She just needs to be noticed even if it means volunteering for a seemingly impossible task. Learn the creative way Simone helps herself get out of a big mess.