Meet the Butterfly Boyz Band BFB5

BFB5 loves their band. They love all aspects of making music; from creating and playing  to performing in front of large crowds.  They are in their element when the music is loud, the crowd is singing along to one of their of hits and the energy is high. That’s what BFB5 lives for!

JAX (lead singer & acoustic guitar):

Jax, lead singer of BFB5 had always loved music. Music spoke to him in a way nothing else or no one else could. He grew up as an only butterfly child, so music was always there for him if he was ever lonely or needed someone to talk to. He could say it in music. Jax taught himself to play acoustic guitar when he was just a young caterpillar. Soon, he was collaborating with his best friend Henry, who played solar guitar. Jax often thought how funny it was the two of them were best friends. They were both so different. Henry was funny, loud, outgoing, and talked to everyone. Jax could talk to others if needed but preferred to keep to himself most of the time. The thing they had in common was their passion for creating and playing music. Jax loved creating music with Henry because it was as if they shared one mind and the same imagination. One day they decided to take their music to the next level which would require a band. The rest as they say, “is history”

ERIC (drummer and vocals):

Eric came from a big family; mother, father, five sisters, and one brother. Eric was the oldest child. His parents brought all the kids up on country music.  Eric’s parents were also musicians.  Country music and Eric were never in sync though.  Rock and roll music called to Eric’s heart.  It made him feel alive and want to play forever. It took his mind away from his troubles and kept him happy so he could keep flying.There were times when he was grounded and couldn’t fly because he was frustrated at not being able to speak as clearly or get the words out the way he wanted. When those times happened he remembered music would lift him because it always did.  As time went on, Eric decided it was time to find other musicians who wanted to play and create the same kind of music. That’s when he found Jax, George, and Henry.  They had been looking for a great drummer and singer. The fact that Eric could sing high harmonies was even better.  Eric finally felt like he was truly at home.

HENRY (lead guitar and vocals):

Henry had always been a whirling dervish of activity. He never had an issue flying because he was always so happy. Music and life were Henry’s fuel for happiness and thus flying. Henry came from a great family.  His mom, dad, and sister always supported whatever Henry wanted to do. From the time Henry was a young caterpillar, it became clear music was Henry’s passion and would be his path. His favorite thing to do was create and play music. He didn’t care if it was his music or someone else’s music, as long as he got to play. Henry’s best friend Jax had the same passion for music. They would spend hours creating and playing music.  While other butterflies their age were out playing, Henry and Jax were creating music. Eventually they decided they had gotten good enough to form a band.  It was time to share their love of music with musicians who had the same burning desire to create good music.  That was the day BFB5 was formed.

SIMON (lead guitar and vocals):

Simon turned out to be a different sort of band mate. He was quiet, wise, and an excellent guitarist and singer.  One of the things which made him unique was that he was a Blisstonia Enchanted Butterfly. He was white and a “sheeler.” As a white butterfly and a “sheeler” he was able to see the future; a see-er and a healer. Whenever he used these talents, a purple heart appeared in the middle of his forehead. Simon was proud of his gift and loved helping whenever he could. The day he showed up for the audition he still had his purple heart in the middle of his forehead.  He explained to Jax and Henry what it meant and that after a while the heart would fade until the next time it was needed.  Another thing that blew Jax and Henry away was that Simon had his own magic carpet which he called Thread. Simon explained Thread could be their “roadie” and carry all their equipment which is something the boyz hadn’t even thought about. After the first few songs, Henry and Jax knew Simon would be the final addition to the band. They asked him to join the band and Simon immediately said “yes”. That day Simon was the final member of BFB5.

GEORGE (bass and vocals):

George was the rowdy one of the group.  He loved a good practical joke. Nothing made George happier than playing a joke on someone. More important to George than playing a joke was playing music.  He had only been playing the bass for a year but decided it was the instrument for him.  He had grown up learning to play the piano but just couldn’t seem to stick with it. He couldn’t seem to get a beat out of it. One day he decided to try some other instruments to find something he liked better. He tried the trumpet, violin, flute and several other instruments but he didn’t feel a connection with any of them.  He finally stopped looking when he got to the bass guitar.  He thumped the strings and the sound hit him in the chest. He kept playing and was overjoyed to finally have found the instrument that made him feel something. George got to know his bass very well by practicing everyday.  He practiced until he could make that bass sing exactly the notes he wanted it to sing.  When he met Jax and Henry at the audition, he was a little nervous but he knew deep down this would be the band for him and they would be his new band mates. The boyz jammed for about an hour but Henry and Jax already knew George was in after the first two songs. Henry and Jax told George he was in the band if he wanted to be. George hugged both of them and told them thank you and he wouldn’t let them down.  Before he left the audition, George asked Henry and Jax if they already had a band name.  They told George, “BFB5”.  George asked them what it stood for and they told him Butterfly Boyz 5.