Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

The Butterfly Girlz have been waiting for you. They wanted you to see where they spend most of their time. As you can see they not only have each other for friends but also have several other little friends.

The Girlz love living in their tree because it’s green, lush, comfy and smells good. They have lots of fun playing “hide and go seek” and lots of other games. You know that feeling of having a safe, fun, comfy place to live & play right? That’s why the Girlz live in this particular magical tree. Why is it magical? It is magical because whenever the Girlz add a new butterfly to their group, the tree magically grows to make room for the new butterfly.

There is always enough room for the butterflies no matter how many they add to their group. Do you think you would like to live in this tree?